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Let our clients tell you themselves...

Wanted to say thanks to Kelly

Kelly helped me learn about Nuerofeedback and it led me to learn what I needed to get help for myself and my kids anxiety challenges :)

Jason Alinen

A Grateful Client

I had never heard of neurofeedback before and a very dear friend shared her eye-opening experience with me. With juggling a multitude of assorted life stressors (cancer, family struggles, marital difficulties, aging parent, getting old, and don’t forget about the ole’ j-o-b ), anxiety was high and depleting my heart and my head. It was affecting me mentally and physically. Kelly and neurofeedback has shown me that life doesn’t have to make you feel so shitty. After every session, my body and mind feel so relaxed at at peace. The stress I hold onto lifts away and leaves me feeling free. It’s like having a fresh start or reboot to help me keep-on-keepin’-on. Thanks Kelly!!!


It's so relaxing!

My therapist recommended that I try neurofeedback because I was having a lot of anxiety stemming from bad past relationships and it was affecting my sleep and new relationships. I found Kelly at West Seattle Neurofeedback on an internet search. My first session made me feel quiet and peaceful. I feel more centered and in my body more after each session. I'm noticing a change in how I respond to stress and I'm able to pause a moment and choose how I respond to something, which is very new, I used to just react and not think about it. My anxiety is now much lower and not interfering with my life as much and I am sleeping better! Thank you West Seattle Neurofeedback!


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