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Renting or coming into our office for a private session are excellent ways to experience NeurOptimal®. We offer a safe cozy space for your journey into resilience and a more optimal you!  Short on time in your busy schedule? We also offer monthly rentals with discounts for additional months. 


1 hr 30 mins

New to our office? Start with a New Client Meeting where we will explain non-linear neurofeedback with NeurOptimal®,  discuss your goals, answer any questions, and do your first session. Please complete our new client forms before your first appointment. 


1 hr

Your journey has started and you are continuing on your path!

Your time here will include a check-in to see how the journey is going and a session. Our recommendation is to do a session once a week however your training is at your own pace which may look different. Please fill out a Concerns Checklist every 10-15 sessions.

2 sessions Back-to-back 


1 hr 30 mins

Some clients enjoy doing double sessions because they live far away or just enjoy the deep relaxation they feel after two sessions back-to-back. There is no harm in doing multiple sessions in one day.

$1000 (one month contract)

1 hr 30 mins (30 mins without instruction)

Rentals are a great way to experience NeurOptimal@. With rentals enjoy unlimited sessions for one month. All the equipment, training, and tracking tools you need to successfully train at home are provided! Regular check-in via Zoom or email with your Trainer is highly recommended to make the most of your rental experience. 

$2550 (3 month contract)

1 hr 30 mins (30 mins without instruction)

Dive deep into training with a 3-month unlimited rental. All items needed to conduct sessions at home and continued support from our Advanced Trainer will be provided throughout your rental period.

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