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Everyone can enjoy a better functioning brain!

No diagnosis is required to gain the amazing benefits of neurofeedback with NeurOptimal®

Neurofeedback has been used safely for decades to invoke positive change in brain function. West Seattle Neurofeedback provides access to one of today's hottest biohacking technologies for self-care called Dynamical® neurofeedback with NeurOptimal®. The mathematics and philosophy used set NeurOptimal® in their own category in the neurofeedback industry.

What is NeurOptimal®?

The NeurOptimal® neurofeedback system which we use in our office uses its unique design to return the brain to the present. Capitalizing on the brain's adaptability to new information to develop resilience in stressful situations. The system receives information about the electrical activity of the brain through EEG sensors placed on the scalp and ears with conductive paste. As the system scans the brain, 256 times a second during a 33-minute session, it gathers information about microsecond to microsecond changes in the electrical activity in the brain and produces an interruption in the audio track to give the brain feedback.

The brain is innately programmed to adapt for survival so well that it may adapt in ways that serve someone for a long time but takes a toll on their physical and emotional health. We want to help shift to new healthier patterns in a safe environment. NeurOptimal® uses the language of mathematics to sense your cortical activity, informing your brain what it’s doing presently, your brain will pay attention and self-adjust. Never forceful.

What should I expect?

Sessions are 33 minutes long but plan on being at West Seattle Neurofeedback for 60 minutes; longer for the first session due to paperwork and goal setting. Many people see great results after 20 sessions, however, we are all different and some see shifts right away and for others, it may take more sessions to get to where you want to be. 


Meaningful change takes dedication and desire. How many sessions it will take is subjective. We all have different life stories that influence our responses to stressful events. We are here to help you navigate that process. We find it more important to ensure you are feeling better; rather than focusing on how many sessions you complete! 

NeurOptimal® is FDA approved as safe for consumers to use without a doctor's permission. In 2018, the FDA ruled the NeurOptimal® neurofeedback as a General Wellness device and not a medical device based on the safety of the system and its intended uses. This is good news for individuals wanting an effective program for brain wellness that is safe and non-invasive.

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