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Live more confident and resilient

Train your brain!

West Seattle Neurofeedback is committed to offering access to the safe state-of-the-art design of NeurOptimal® for mental fitness. Life's events can derail our identity, progress, creative flow and alter our perspective of ourselves in the world. Helping our clients of all ages in the process of clearing mental barriers!

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Private Sessions

1 on 1 sessions with our Certified Trainer

Take a 33 minute Zen break!


When our brains work at their most optimal, we can improve our experience in relationships with others and ourselves, spiritually, academically, professionally, creatively, and athletically.

Your first session will include an intake covering health history, Q&A, and discussion of what shifts you'd like to see happen.


30 days of unlimited sessions

Renting a system to use at home is by far the most economical choice. Getting the same level of session as in the office at your own pace and schedule.  

  • Unlimited sessions on your schedule!

  • Self hook up training and Zoom support.

  • ​Supplies, equipment, and training provided. ​

  • Discounts available for additional months!​

  • ​​Ships anywhere in the USA via FedEx.

What is NeurOptimal®?

NeurOptimal® is a Dynamical® neurofeedback software system that communicates with your brain to help it learn new patterns of self-regulation. It makes use of our intrinsic ability to adapt quickly to new information through the language of mathematics. To learn more click the button below to go to

Our Trainer

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Our Mission

Helping clients improve self-regulation, organization, and stress management so they can have more space for what they love! 

Life gets stressful, demanding, and distracting! Whether born into stress or you develop it along the way, we will help you on your journey of self-rediscovery! Optimizing your brain for your best you. 

West Seattle Neurofeedback provides a safe space for NeurOptimal® to meet you and gently move you into new patterns of perspective and response. Welcoming clients of all ages and abilities. From newborn babies to those wanting to manage age gracefully, everyone can enjoy and optimized brain. No diagnosis is required to enjoy the benefits of NeurOptimal®. Improve your game in the boardroom, on the field, in the classroom, or as the CEO of your family!


Kelly Kalkwarf is an Advanced Certified NeurOptimal® Trainer. She discovered the amazing benefits of neurofeedback in 2018 when chronic stress and anxiety manifested physically as severe health issues throughout her whole body. This coupled with the struggle of navigating Autism, ADHD, and anxiety in a Western medicine society for her child lead her to the life-changing effects of neurofeedback and  opening West Seattle Neurofeedback. She is loving the ability to have space for impactful change for others in areas of health, aging, marriage, parenting, chronic illness, focus, anxiety, and trauma through finding new perspectives with neurofeedback.

Meeting you with empathy for life’s challenges.

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Contact Us

7901 35th Avenue Southwest; Seattle WA, 98126

(Second floor, enter at Limber Yoga)

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday  10am - 5pm

Saturday  10am - 5pm

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