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Renting or coming into our office for a private session are excellent ways to experience NeurOptimal®. We offer a safe cozy space for your journey into resilience and a more optimal you!  Short on time in your busy schedule? We also offer monthly rentals with discounts for additional months. 

New Client Meeting


1 hour 30 min

New to our office? Start with a New Client Meeting where we will discuss paperwork, your goals, answer any questions and do your first session. Please complete our new client forms prior to your first session.

New Study Client Meeting


1 hour 30 min

Participate in a study and receive reduced rates on 10-20 sessions. Learn more about WSN's participation in international studies on neurofeedback by navigating to our "Join a Study' tab.

Individual Session


1 hour

Your journey has started and you are continuing on your path! Time to keep on keeping on!  We will do periodic check-ins to see how the journey is going and track improvements. Please fill out a Concerns Check list every 10-15 sessions.

Study Client Session


1 hour

Our study clients enjoy all the same benefits of our services. Book this service after your New Study Client Meeting.

Double Session


1 hour 30 mins

Some clients enjoy doing double sessions because they live far away or just prefer how they feel after two sessions back to back. Ask if this is an option for you.

Home Visit

$150 +


A home visit may be a better option for those that have mobility difficulties. Our office is located on the second floor and the building is not ADA-compliant however we do offer home visits on a case-by-case basis. The base fee is $150, additional fees may apply due to distance.

1 Month Rental

$1000 + tax

1 hour 30 mins

Rentals are a great way to experience NeurOptimal@. With rentals enjoy unlimited sessions for one month. All the equipment, training, and tracking tools you need to successfully train at home are provided!

3 Month Rental

$2550 + tax

1 hour 30 mins

Dive deep into training with a 3 month rental. All items needed to conduct sessions at home and continued support from our Advanced Trainer will be provided throughout your rental period.

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